APRIL 2024
entry no.128/4/2024
Long time no see n.n Here is the monthly blog update to prove that im still alive
i havent got around to fixing the missing images problem yet simply because im too lazy. Maybe one day! Well actually i have been thinking of remaking the whole site, new layout and all that but who knows when i will actually do it. Maybe after i finish my exams... then i will be free to do whatever i want whenever i feel like it
i have been gaming a lot(not a lot, but more than i usually do) which is something i shouldnt be doing. i keep telling myself to focus on studying first but then i always find myself switching between 10 google tabs and 5 windows.really, there is no excuse for this! (switches tab)
Also the about me page is GONE! i dont like how i wrote my introduction plus the layout is kinda ugly

entry no.229/2/2024
Yet another month has gone by without any updates@@.. WHO CARES
i have been thinking about going back to the old site layout (the yellow one...if anyone remembers) because its really easy to code new pages considering how simple the other pages are. But i do like how cute my current one is So im still not sure what to do
i have been very unsatisfied with my art lately. i find it hard ot have fun drawing without thinking about every mistakes that i made. i used to not care but now i look back at everything i have made and think"wow... i really am not good at this drawing stuff" i feel so horrible!!! this is not how you should feel drawing i Know that but i just cant help it
not much else to say, sorry for the rant there i wanted to get that out somewhere ^ ^But its my blog anyway i can say whatever i want
entry no.13/2/2024
despite saying "happy first of february" its actually already the third for me .... another month has gone by!
nothing interesting has happened lately, although holiday break is near so the chance of me updating my site has gone upby 10%!wow!

entry no.221/1/2024
i finished an important test today ! im dont know if its considered a test or contest. but either way that means i get more free time!
i have been very into legos lately, i got 2 new sets and had so much fun building them. heres a picture:
pretty awesome huh ^-^
im thinking about begging my parents for a couple new sets cause i think i have already spent too much of my own money on legos
entry no.19/1/2024
happy new year everyone! im a Week late i know but its better than nothing . right
i dont Really know what to say next.. something something along the lines of 2023 was an ok year . i dont know im Not good with this
Now that i think about it i wont update the blog and just say "update SOON!" anymore. everytime i do that i end up not touching the site for another month So whats the point of saying that. theyre empty promises :L i will just update the site whenever i want to. i should have realized this Waayyy sooner
thats all for now, very underwhelming for the first entry of a new year (sorry!)

entry no.214/11/2023
it has been sooooCold lately . YAY ! i lvoe lvoe love love Winter cuz i can wear cute clothes without Sweating my ass off . Hopefully its not gonna be hot again next week. PLEASE!
also Plugging the duolingo real quick.. friend me . if you want
entry no.112/11/2023
How is it already November . LOL
i completely forgot about my site for a month ...Oops. october is a busy month. I finished midterms a week ago
i cut my own hair and fucked up real bad and Now i got a bob :( but i bought some anime figures so all is good. heh
theres not gonna be any site updates any time soon (AS ALWAYS)my bad....

entry no.11/10/2023
completely forgot to update the page with new entries ... hello
theres nothing new like usual . i Do feel better lately which is GOOD ! school still beating my ass yadda yadda yadda
i played osu for the first time yesterday and had soooo much fun. also im thinking of redoing the about me page.. i feel like its a little too simple

entry no.426/9/2023
been trying new music lately... cant keept listening to the same 5 songs for months.
entry no.318/9/2023
Today is monday 18th of september ... Pretty cool i think
iKeep telling myself that i will continue to work on the site soon But i cant find time to do it. school is beating my ass ! it will be another year until i actually update it again
entry no.24/9/2023
might Actually have to stop workimg on the site for a while Since school is starting soon ...i Kinda havent figured out the layouts for the other pages either . i Have only been grinding commissions lately . Back on the draiwng grindset after months ! ! !
entry no.11/9/2023
First entry of this page... Hello ! ummm to start off This page was supposed to be the art gallery but . i Ended up liking the layout so much and i will NOT waste a good layout on just an art gallery. So it goes from art gallery -> graphics hoard ..But then i coudlnt think of a layout for the graphics and just decided it would be the blog page. Also i decided to turn the media log into a blog too cuz i am not good at talking about medias .
i will mainly jus talk about my day and rant about small things here :3 Plus+ my plans for this site.
i Will try my best to update this page often TRUST !